Dear Lora,
I just want to take a few minutes to reflect on what an outstanding job you did in listing and selling our property…

First and foremost, I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did in assisting with getting my late brother’s property into shape to sell, then not only finding a qualified buyer, but walking the buyers through all of their bank requirements, inspections etc. As a former real estate attorney (now corporate and international law) who has handled many commercial transactions and bought and sold several homes over the years, I can honestly say you are the most professional and compassionate realtor I have ever encountered.

Not only are you a great real estate agent, but you promptly stepped in, located a contractor, oversaw the cleanup, construction and renovation work and acted as the property manager in my absence. Then you assisted in making the transaction go smoothly.
When I initially flew out to Edgewood in March to meet with my niece, to go through the house and list it for sale, I was devastated to see how my nephew had literally destroyed it. The house was in very poor shape, unkept and literally trashed inside and out…it was inhabitable to say the least.

Lora is the reason the house is as beautiful today as when my brother and sister-in-law first built it.. I know Jim and Robin would have wanted a loving family to reside in the house they put their hearts and soul into.. I cannot say enough good things about the Kniffin Realty Group and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling a home or ranch in the Sandia Foothills region ie. Edgewood, Moriarty etc.
Thank you again.

Best Regards,

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