As we all know in life there are no guarantees. This statement is very evident when looking to purchase a safe and structurally sound home. There are however a few things to look out for to make sure that you aren’t handed a “lemon”. These are things that are great to look out for yourself  long before the inspection and  you start the paperwork to purchase the home. This helps avoid falling in love with the home and then having to walk away.

Mold: Although our climate does not always create a perfect environment for mold we still need to be diligent and watch for the signs. Use all your senses when looking for mold if it smells musty, you see mold, or the room feels damp note this and ensure that you have this looked into before purchasing.

Pests: Some pest problems might be as easy as setting a schedule with a local pest control where others can be potentially costly. Termite damage can endanger the homes structural integrity and can take the house from your dream home to a nightmare.

Wiring: Although most wiring is behind walls and unseen by the naked eye buyers should be on the lookout for any visible faulty wiring.  An exposed wire should definitely raise a red flag in a buyers mind and needs to be taken care of before the fire hazard turns into a full blown fire.

DIY Jobs: Again most of us are not licensed contracts and cant see an addition that is not up to code with the naked eye but we should all look for the “porch” that is falling down or the light in the bathroom that opens the garage door.

Drainage: Here in New Mexico most of us love to see a rain storm but I think we all agree that we don’t want that rainstorm to come into our living room. A backyard or back porch that slants towards the house can mean constant battles against mother nature that we do not tend to win.

Do not be afraid to raise a flag if something about the house is not sitting right with you and you can always opt to have it inspected by a professional. It is much better to be safe then sorry when protecting yourself from buying a lemon for your future home.


Krista Kniffin

Associate Broker

The Kniffin Team


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