When searching for your next home you are sure to hear the terms manufactured home, modular home and stick-built home. I wanted to try and clear up any confusion in the differences and similarities between them.

Stickbuilt VS Manufactured/ Modular

The biggest difference between stick built, also called site-built homes, and manufactured/ modular homes is that the stick-built home is constructed from the ground up at the site whereas the modular and manufactured home are constructed offsite and brought to the  property.

Manufactured VS Modular

Although both manufactured and modular homes are built offsite then brought to the site the biggest difference lies in how they are brought to the site. Manufactured homes, also called mobile homes, are brought to the site on non-removable chassis with their own removable wheels. Modular homes are built in sections and transported on truck beds. Manufactured homes and modular homes can and usually do have different pieces that are joined together on site.

Bottom Dollar

Generally speaking modular and stick- built homes are more expensive to build than manufactured housing. Although we usually find that stick-built/ modular homes increase in value over time where as manufactured houses tend to decrease in value.

Another thing to think about is if the manufactured home is not on a permanent foundation you will not be able to get mortgage financing.

While on the hunt be sure to keep these terms in mind to help you make the best


Krista Kniffin

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