Quick Fixes to Help Sell a House.

by | Mar 18, 2014

Quick Fixes to Help Sell a House.

Here are just a few things that can help the show-ability of your property. As a real estate agent I will thank you in advance for tackling at least some of these.

1) One of the number one things that I always hear real estate agents talk about when listing a property is the amount of personal items aka knick-knacks that need to be packed away before listing the house. You want buyers to see the potential in the space not your “stuff”. Also, because were going to sell your home you might as well start packing right? (neatly stack the boxes in a garage or storage shed please.)

2) De-clutter your cabinets, drawers and closets. If these areas are just crammed to the brim with items potential buyers will fear that if the home doesn’t have enough storage for you it might not have enough for them.

3) Smell….Buying a home encompasses almost all the senses for a buyer. Clean up after pets inside and out whether it be a cage, litter box or backyard. If your like me and laugh at the tried and true principle of baking cookies before a showing because there is no way I am going to run home and throw some cookies in the oven before every showing there are always candles or plug ins that create the same effect.

4)Check off some of those “honey-dos” you’ve had since you moved in. Now is the perfect time to fix the sloppy paint job in the living room, replace the cracked light switch face plate, and pick those weeds around the front entry. Just like in a job interview the first impression of a home is critical to an offer. You only get one shot at a first impression make it a good one. Curb appeal can make or break a showing. If you have chipped paint or stucco now is the time to fix these areas. Its also greatly appreciated as an agent if you replace any burnt out light bulbs theres nothing worse then showing a perfect home and going to switch a light on and nothing happens then having to convince the buyers that its probably just the light bulb not that the entire house has bad electrical wiring.

5)Clean those commonly skipped areas. Dirty ceiling fans, base boards, windows or closet ceilings are a huge turn off to people. Now I know it probably goes without saying but please also clean the non commonly skipped areas. Dirty clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink remind the buyer of the “dirty” old home their coming from not the new clean home they want. Please make your bed it is very uncomfortable for the buyers to walk into a bedroom with an unmade bed it makes them feel as if they are stepping into a very personal space that they shouldn’t be in.

Krista Kniffin

Office Manager/Associate Broker


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